CMCube Design


The current system that exists for CMU transportation is one where shuttles and escorts exist to bring students directly to their home safely and efficiently. Students will wait for the bus that covers a certain zone that contains their home. Upon arrival students will tell the driver their address and they will be brought directly there. After discussing this system with users we identified the gap in knowledge common across the users. First, many did not know where the shuttle and escort stops are in the first place. Second, they did not even know what zone or bus they would need to take. Finally, Users also shared their fears and discomfort of waiting on a random street corner late at night, especially when the weather is bad. Our design idea is designed to address all three of these issues in the CMU transportation system.


CMU Student

"I want to travel home quickly and safely, and be efficient with my time."

CMU Staff

"I want to use public transportation to minimize travel cost and ensure safety."

CMU Shuttle/Escort Driver

"I want to provide safe and quick travel to the students."

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