Interpersonal Attraction Study


Recent research on interpersonal attraction created the similarity-attraction hypothesis, which states that people are drawn towards others who are like them in various personality factors. Our study selects a single personality trait, conscientiousness, and predicts that people will be attracted to dating profiles that display a similar level of conscientiousness to them. The research employs a 2x2 factorial design where participants were shown both “low” and “high” conscientious profiles and asked to rate how attractive they perceived the profiles on a scale from 1-10. Their preference for either conscientiousness level was compared to their own conscientiousness score, which was obtained through an open-source personality test. Results indicated that people are more attracted to “high” conscientious profiles regardless of their own level of conscientiousness. These results indicate that conscientiousness is a preferred trait, and this study reveals the potential for the adaptation of the similarity-attraction hypothesis.

Paper and Poster