Bun Bun Bakeshop Design


The idea of a bakery called “Bun Bun” very much entertained me and made me think about bunnies, Easter, childhood, springtime, and silliness. Therefore, I had the background colors become rather soft pastels of pink and baby blue. I also tried to make the images as large as possible. The colors are soft, and the images are easy to see for members of all ages. A place like Bun Bun caters to children, adults, and grandparents and thus, all the images need to be accessible and clear for all potential customers. This is also why the buttons are as large as is both accessible and aesthetically pleasing. The font on the home page is meant to fun and inviting to a fun and inviting website. All the other fonts are simple Raleway/sans-serif straight and simple, clear to read is the goal. With all the aspects of styling and format combined I hoped to capture the silliness and happiness associated with springtime.

Color Palette





Paper Prototype

Hi-Fi Prototype

Fully Implemented Site