The current student-instructor conference format in the freshman English course (76-101) is generally a two-step process where students receive feedback, and then meet with the instructor to clarify any additional comments or the reasoning behind the feedback itself. However, previous research indicates that an additional step of students reviewing the material would significantly boost learning outcomes [1,2,3]. To address this gap in the system, we designed a pre-conference primer system that would prompt students to reflect on both their work and the instructors’ feedback. Our research was centered around the research question: how can we design effective primers for academic conferences? Below, we describe the design, prototyping process and the evaluation of the system, as well as suggestions for future research. Based on a post-experiment survey, the system was successful in prompting reflection and improving the quality of conferences. Future research would entail not only continued work in the same direction but also further applications outside of one-on-one academic conferences.